Symptoms Of The Acute Need For Automatic Transmission Services

Your automatic transmission system quite literally has the job of transmitting power to your vehicle's driveshaft, which in turn utilises this energy to move the wheels. Therefore, even if your engine is in top-notch condition, a declining automatic transmission system will translate into challenges getting your car running, or worse yet, leave it unable to move at all! While the function of the automatic transmission system may sound straightforward, the reality is that this system is complex. [Read More]

Dealing With a Clogged Fuel Injector

Fuel injection into the combustion compartment of a car engine happens through two ways: direct injection and indirect injection. Direct fuel injection has proved to be more efficient than indirect injection. However, direct injection engines are more prone to clogged fuel injectors than indirect fuel injector engines. Although direct injection engines are the most efficient, they are not as common as indirect injection engines. Given that, because most people own cars that have indirect fuel injection engines, they rarely experience clogged fuel injectors. [Read More]