Dealing With a Clogged Fuel Injector

Fuel injection into the combustion compartment of a car engine happens through two ways: direct injection and indirect injection. Direct fuel injection has proved to be more efficient than indirect injection. However, direct injection engines are more prone to clogged fuel injectors than indirect fuel injector engines. Although direct injection engines are the most efficient, they are not as common as indirect injection engines.

Given that, because most people own cars that have indirect fuel injection engines, they rarely experience clogged fuel injectors. Still, indirect fuel injector cars experience clogged fuel injector problems that owners ignore. Here are some of the ideas to help you deal with a clogged fuel injector.

How Do You Know That Your Fuel Injector Is Clogged?

Just like bad spark plugs, it is hard to determine that your car has a clogged fuel injector. For that reason, all you need to do is look out for symptoms that are likely to signal a faulty fuel injector and seek help from fuel injector experts. Some of the indications of a clogged fuel injector include hard engine start, inappropriate idling, failure to reach full revolutions per minute (RPM), higher fuel consumption, a higher amount of smoke from the tailpipe and rough performance by the engine.

If you notice most of these signs with your car and there is no other probable cause, it is time to have your fuel injector replaced or cleaned by professionals.

Preventive Measure for a Clogged Fuel Injector

The fuel filter is the primary reason for a clogged fuel injector. Therefore, always ensure that you do timely and appropriate fuel filter replacement. This is usually done alongside engine oil change. Allowing too much or lesser fuel into the engine will cause other problems. That is why experts advise that you clean your fuel injector regularly or replace it with a new one. Usually, most professionals recommend that you check your fuel injector after every year to ascertain its condition.

Course of Action

If you find out that your fuel injector only requires cleaning, you can always buy a cleaning kit at affordable prices to unclog it. If your fuel injector needs replacement, you can buy replacement fuel injection parts. Most fuel injectors cost less than 100 AUD. Whether it is cleaning or replacement of the fuel injector, do not DIY, but rather engage experienced professionals to avoid further engine problems.