Symptoms Of The Acute Need For Automatic Transmission Services

Your automatic transmission system quite literally has the job of transmitting power to your vehicle's driveshaft, which in turn utilises this energy to move the wheels. Therefore, even if your engine is in top-notch condition, a declining automatic transmission system will translate into challenges getting your car running, or worse yet, leave it unable to move at all! While the function of the automatic transmission system may sound straightforward, the reality is that this system is complex. Thus, when an issue crops up, it is essential to have it fixed by your mechanic immediately, or you stand the chance of jeopardising other elements that this system comprises. Here are some of the symptoms of the acute need for automatic transmission services.

The gear is engaging but your car is not moving

One of the first signs of the critical need for automatic transmission services is a lack of movement from your vehicle. You engage the gear, the engine revs, but instead of moving, the vehicle idles as if you have parked the car. If you try to reverse and the car still will not budge, then it is a red flag of automatic transmission trouble. In usual cases, these signs are indicative of a transmission system that is in decline. The decline could be caused by an array of issues. For instance, it could be caused by damaged clutch packs that need replacement. On the other hand, the issue could stem from your power steering fluid being polluted with contaminants. Regardless of the cause, your best option is to see a mechanic for automatic transmission services immediately.

You smell burning or hear grinding

Another telltale sign of the need for automatic transmission services is clues from your senses. Grinding is one of the first noises that you will notice since it means the mechanical parts of the automatic transmission system are rubbing against each other, more so when you are changing the gears. On the other hand, fetid, burning odours are indicative of burning ATF fluid. If any of these signs crop up, it is crucial to have them addressed as soon as possible.

Your car is accelerating slowly

The third symptom of the acute need for automatic transmission repairs is lagging acceleration from your vehicle. This could manifest by either your car taking too long to pick up speed, or your car being unable to reach top speeds as it used to before. This issue crops up when your automatic transmission has started to slip. If your engine is revving as it normally does, it means that the engine is not the issue. Instead, the problem may be caused by minimal or no friction in the automatic transmission's clutch plates or its gears, as this would manifest in a lack of transmission of power.