Specs to Look for in a 4WD Fleet Hire

The country has countless mine sites that you can visit and have an amazing time exploring and even getting some ore. Each of the sites, however, has their own rules and regulations about the entry. Most of the rules revolve around the vehicle types and specs which are allowed. The specs are put in place for your safety and security during the experience. Before hiring a vehicle, you should speak to the manager of the site to find out what their recommendations are. However, here are some general guidelines and specifications your vehicle should meet to be allowed to a mine.

Hazard Lighting

Your vehicle should have its headlights on during the entire mining trip. Check whether the vehicle you are aiming to hire has a headlights-on kit. The kit will allow the car to keep its headlights on as long as the engine is running. Additionally, the vehicle should have park brake warning buzzers to be used each time you move away from the vehicle. The warning buzzer will be your only way to communicate your presence or any other impending danger when your vehicle's ignition is turned off. 

First Aid Kit

Anything can happen when you are within the mining environment. Most of the time, when accidents happen, you are deep in the middle of a place where you cannot access emergency medical care in time. It greatly reduces recovery chances for the injured person. When you have a First Aid kit installed, it becomes easy to offer help to an injured person and stabilise them as you wait for the medical teams to arrive.

Bull Bars

The mining environments are typically located on rough terrain. You need to hire a 4WD or all-wheel-drive vehicles which can navigate the hills, rocks and other challenges of the landscape. Having an all-wheel-drive vehicle does not assure you that your trip will not have one or two mishaps with the terrain. Therefore, it is advisable to get a vehicle with bull bars installed. Steel bull bars do compromise the stability of the vehicle because of their weight, but they are the vehicles best protection against engine damage in case of a crash.

Other specs to look for in vehicles you intend to hire for mining trips include fire extinguishers, UFH Radio for communication, reverse camera and reverse squawkers. You can lease an equipped vehicle from companies that specifically deal with 4WD fleet hire for mining expeditions.