How a Walking Floor Trailer Can Help You Move Goods in Bulk

If you are in the transportation sector and just moving into a new line of business, then you may need to transport unpackaged goods in bulk. You may have no experience in this area, but you will still need to make sure that you have the right equipment in order to make it as simple as possible and to maximise your productivity. You may have to reconfigure some of your equipment if you want to do this properly, however, and you may have to install a special type of floor on each trailer before you go ahead. What is the best approach to take here?


As you undoubtedly know, you need to maximise the number of loads that you can achieve from each trailer on any given day. This means that these trailers have to be loaded and unloaded in such a way as to make it relatively easy, given the nature of the payload. In this case, you should think about equipping each trailer with a walking floor, as these are designed for this purpose and will make each movement a breeze.

Walking Floor

The floor itself is very carefully designed to move the payload from front to back or vice versa using a specific group of aluminium slats. The driver can operate this moving floor from the rear of the vehicle and the load can be added or removed while the floor relocates to its intended position.

How It Works

There may be as many as 24 individual slats across the floor of the trailer and several of those slats will move in tandem and independently of the others. During each movement, the part of the load that rests on those moving slats will move in the intended direction, while the rest of the material will remain in place. After each individual movement, those specific slats will retreat while the next batch is moved, and eventually, the entire load can be added or removed without manual intervention.

Why It's Good

Without this type of floor in place, individual workers would need to walk back and forth carrying parts of the load with them as they did so, and this would inevitably be inefficient and time-consuming. The specially designed walking floor trailer does all of this work for you while the driver operates the equipment from the rear.

More Information

If you've never seen this type of floor in action, you should talk with your equipment supplier as soon as possible. They will be able to introduce the concept to you so that you can clearly understand it and see that it is the only way forward for your new venture.

For more information on walking floor trailers, contact a supplier near you.