3 Fantastically Surprising Reasons to Take Proper Care of Your New Car

In the market for a new car? Whether you are looking for your first car or simply want to add another flashy acquisition to your garage collection, it is important that you stick to the recommended logbook service from day one. This type of car servicing involves performing regular inspections and minor fixes on a new car to keep it running at its best. A car that is well looked after minimises safety risks as well as the risk of breakdowns. 

While logbook service helps to maintain the safety and performance of a car, it also provides other important yet overlooked benefits. Read along to acquaint yourself with some of these benefits. 

To Protect Your New Car Warranty

New cars typically come with a manufacturer's warranty to assure buyers that the manufacturer of a car they are considering buying will do the required repair work if the vehicle is found to have certain factory defects. New car warranties don't last forever – the duration of these warranties is usually stated in kilometres or years. 

If you don't take proper care of your new car and it develops problems, you may forfeit your manufacturer's warranty. This will happen if your car manufacturer establishes that your car issue is caused by a lack of vehicle maintenance and not a factory defect. 

To Maintain the Resale Value of Your Car

Another great reason to take your car for logbook servicing is so you can maintain its market value. Cars with a history of proper maintenance tend to develop fewer problems than those that aren't well looked after. 

If you decide to sell your car at some point in the future, interested buyers will probably want to see the vehicle's maintenance records so they can tell if the vehicle was properly cared for under your watch. 

To Minimise Environmental Impact

Despite the push to have more electric cars manufactured at a lower cost, car pollution still remains to be a giant problem worldwide.

All cars, whether electric or fuel-powered, produce emissions that contribute to global warming. The only difference between electric cars and their non-electric cousins is that the former produce fewer emissions. 

With that said, taking proper care of your new car can help to keep it in good working condition, thus keeping carbon gases and greenhouse emissions at a minimum. This is a good thing for planet Earth and the people living on it.

Aside from the above-discussed benefits, logbook servicing will help to keep your vehicle on the road longer, thus maximising the value of your purchase. Make sure your car is looked after by an experienced auto technician.